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Exhibition runs from 13th of November to 3pm, 26th of November 2015.

Tracey Roberts is a performing and visual artist, and an established singer-songwriter musician, who enjoys a rare and wonderful neurological condition called synesthesia, where one sense involuntarily invokes another. Roberts’ art work is an exploration into the intriguing world of those gifted with music-colour synesthesia - for her it means seeing colours and shapes when she hears or creates music. Her limited edition prints are original, hand-drawn illustrations which have been digitally coloured and embellished to create rich, visual interpretations of music and musical instruments and landscapes as well as the emotions evoked by certain musical genres. “As a performing artist and music-colour synesthete, I have always been fascinated by the intoxicating and diverse effects of emotion and imagery connected to music. My journey into the visual expression of music has evolved and combines figurative, landscape and abstract elements which depict the hues, textures and shapes I see when I listen to music. I’m also immensely enjoying the process of exploring the intriguing concept of “seeing what you hear” and “hearing what you see.”
All of these pieces are hand-drawn illustrations, digitally stylised and coloured. They are printed on archival photographic paper and are available as limited edition prints in different sizes.