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Archive > Travis D. Hendrix, Rolling Back the Borders of the Known World

4 July - 17 July 2014

Travis D. Hendrix

This work explores the nature of the unknown. Our fascination and insatiable curiosity that drives us to peek through closed doors and turn over every stone, extending our maps and pushing our sense of understanding towards an ever expanding world. Using the paranoiac critical method, I conjure realms hitherto unexplored. Each work evolves and takes on a life of its own and each outcome is a surprise. I am a tourist of intangible space, travelling in the Penumbra, transcribing these snapshots upon the decks of the vessel that transports me. I aim to capture the sense of wonder and adventure that has been the catalyst for exploration of all pioneers. I play with the new joys and horrors that the unknown brings. Tales and codes are woven into the imagery that forms a narrative unique to each viewer.

Come on a journey;
Observe, Record,
and keep rolling back the borders of the known world