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6 June - 19 June 2014

'Note to self' are works of psychoanalysis of the self. They represent a narrative with open interpretations but of specific intention. These paintings explore a place between control and loose emphatic action. In these paintings I have reversed my process to start from a controlled position and move to one that is more intuitive. Whilst they investigate the self they become a metaphor for the psyche as a collective consciousness. This is embedded in the ideas surrounding the archetype. Like rooms of a house, each paintings sits as aspects of these archetypes. The paintings then become an exploration of the void between fantasy and reality, one between a dreaming and the physical world. Objects become motifs with a slippery meaning. In this sense they don't precisely fit into Surrealism but more about the ideas of a Neo-narrative. This Neo-narrative remains an individual interpretive one, where the image plays with the qualities of the paint and allows a flow between control and creative play.
'Note to self' is the honest look in the mirror, away from the masks we employ to hide ones vices. Its the private word we have with ourselves. Concealed in paint and ambiguous narrative, I can see my self if I choose to look.