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Curated by Brigid Green and Miriam Arbus.
Exhibition Event 21st August, 6pm – 9pm.

Urban Materiality In our urban spaces, the street is an open environment, where necessary use dictates democratic access. The buildings and surfaces we pass have become for many, a contemporary canvas. For those who use this canvas, their individual artistic expression is then thrust into the eyes of the public and demands from those who chance upon it, that they expose themselves to a visual idea both raw and uncensored. A great deftness in selection and use of space and materials, play an integral part of success of art in an open and social environment though it can seem to be an easily executable form. Artists may bring a sense of 'urban' into any environment with the sole use of materials chosen. Concrete, aerosols, paste and paper are simple tools, but bring forth any issue or trend to the gentrified public and the camera captures our local culture in a fleeting moment or the static scenes of our surrounds. In this exhibition we seek to engage visual practices that respond to our urban surroundings. We are intrigued by the way that certain materials and mediums can address our urban framework specifically.

Lesley Bourne (
Carmel Louise(
Tim Fry (
Belinda Richards (
Jo Harrison
Gabe Lawry
Nigel Tan (
MachineGun DEV (
Sharmila Nezovic (
Kate Burton(
Rhys Burnie (
Marcus Jan Cosmor
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Travis D. Hendrix