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Exhibition runs from 6pm 18th September – 3pm 1st of October 2015.

I am a menstrual artist, a menstrual activist in the service of the Goddess. I paint with my blood to empower women and reawaken our sovereignty and the sacredness of our bodies, our cycles and our life giving blood. Women were once revered for our numinous life giving potential and our menstrual blood honoured as holy and containing immense power. Thousands of years of patriarchal devaluing and derision of the feminine have rendered menstruation and our vulvas as taboo. Women have carried this burden of shame for countless generations.

I work with primarily with imagery inspired by the female reproductive system, both external and internal. Some women, more than men, have found my imagery and use of blood confronting. I welcome this and invite the viewer to enquire into the deeper reasons for their responses and encourage them to explore ways they may re-member the sacredness of their wombyn body. Painting with my menstrual blood has been an exciting journey into the unknown, an opening to trust and a deep surrender to the process and outcome. Each time I make art, I create sacred space by honouring the directions and stating “Great Goddess, I am a vessel, create through me.” This work is far greater than me as the artist.

My menstrual paintings are three dimensional sculptures on canvas created with a lightweight modelling material and painted with my menstrual blood mixed with a variety of artist mediums. To answer the most commonly asked question about my menstrual art. I collect my blood with a menstrual cup and store it in jars in the fridge.

As an artist and holder of sacred women’s space, my life’s purpose is to empower women. I invite women of all ages to reclaim the sovereignty of their bodies and their creative power, facilitating a healthy reverence for the power of women and menstruation. For the healing of all women; past, present and future.