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6 June - 19 June 2014

Nature is a positive energy that revitalizes and reconnects us to that aspect of experiencing something greater than ourselves and larger than human kind. Inspired by the wonder and beauty of the Grampians these works explore the innate connection we have with nature. When engrossed in nature, our spiritual selves can dislocate from the physical being. We can then experience another realm, the landscapes of our imagination, filled with aural colours, bathed in soft golden light, where we are in touch with another force that transcends ones individual sense of self, that gives meaning to one’s life at a deeper than intellectual level. Celestial whispers captures the last glimpse of day light that give way to the quietness and solitude of dusk where the last dimming light eventually gives way to the mystery of the unknown. It is during these soft quiet moments when we sense that otherness, the presence of something we are both familiar and alien to, that longing for home where a lightness and freedom of being resonates deep within our psyche.